The Laminitis Charity Show was first run successfully on Sunday 23rd of April 2017.

On its first year we managed to raise a fantastic £4,200 pounds !

Due to its huge success & ever growing support, we decided to make it an annual show.

Having had our third show in April 2019, we managed to raising a further £5,500 pounds.

£1000 more than the previous !

In all the 3 years, we have achieved to raise a whopping

£14,000 pounds !

which has all been kindly donated to The Royal Dick Equine Vet Laminitis Research Centre


Laminitis is a cause which is very close to our hearts, having one of our own horses having had Laminitis, But sadly lost his fight in March 2019.

I wanted to make the Equine world more aware of how potentially life threatening Laminitis can be to Horses & Ponies, all breeds shapes & sizes, and that it can strike at any time of the year.

And to be aware, its not always down to obesity !

I am hoping the funds we are raising will help the reaserchers, help people like us, who put in all the hard work & hours into saving our beloved equine friends.

And hopefully their valuable research will one day lead to a cure !


2005 – 2019